Brazil vs Uruguay Prediction TV channel watch international friendly online 2018

The first week of the international break is coming to an end: and there is a big game to look forward to on Friday night if you’re looking for quality footballing: Barcelona superstars Arthur and Luis Suárez (Rafinha will be there as well!) will face each other when Brazil take on Uruguay at the Emirates Stadium: the international home for the Brazilian national team.


Two of the most successful nations in footballing history will go head to head in friendly action in London on Friday when Brazil face Uruguay.

This will be the 76th time in history that the Selecao have faced their South American counterparts, boasting 35 victories and having suffered a mere 20 defeats.

However, Uruguay claimed victory in the nations’ biggest meeting, the 1954 World Cup final, which left an indelible scar upon football in Brazil and, at least until the 7-1 World Cup semi-final loss to Germany in 2014, was regarded as the most chastening day in the country’s sporting history.


Seriously: Brazil play at the Arsenal stadium almost once a year: which is fun since the Arsenal stadium is awesome and not too far away from Barcelona. Plus: this will be a rivalry game which means that “international friendly” is just a lie. Brazilians and Uruguayans don’t like each other when it comes to football matches: and we’ll see that in this game.

This will be competitive and a lot of fun: and it’s a chance to see former Barça teammates Suárez and Neymar on the same pitch again. We all hate Neymar: but Suárez doesn’t and they’ll surely share a nice moment before the game. Then when it starts: they’ll kick the living hell out of each other and it’ll be so fun to watch.

Seriously: don’t miss this one. It’ll be a great game.

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